Replace your teeth and restore your smile with a dental bridge in Hacienda Heights, California! Our dentist may recommend a dental bridge if you are missing a single tooth or several teeth in a row. Bridges work to close the gap caused by your missing tooth or teeth, preventing the remaining teeth from shifting out of position and restoring your ability to chew, speak and smile with confidence.

Bridges consist of a prosthetic tooth or teeth that are attached to dental crowns on either side of the replacement tooth. These crowns are placed on the teeth to either side of the gap or on dental implants to permanently anchor the bridge in your mouth. It usually takes two appointments to complete your dental bridge — one appointment in which impressions are taken and the teeth are prepared to receive the crowns, and another appointment in which the bridge is bonded in place.

Bridges have many benefits, including:

  • Restoring your smile
  • Restoring your oral function
  • Alleviating stress on your bite
  • Preventing your teeth from shifting out of place and causing bite problems
  • Supporting the shape and volume of your face
  • Replacing or preventing the need for removable partial dentures

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