If you have lost a tooth, you may need to receive a bone grafting treatment before you can replace it. When a tooth is lost, the supporting bone tissue begins to resorb, or shrink. This causes your remaining teeth to become misaligned and may lead to the development of a bad bite, loose teeth and other dental problems.

Bone grafting is a type of oral surgery that corrects this problem. It is usually recommended when your jawbone is not dense or thick enough to provide a stable foundation for your teeth. Bone grafting is most frequently used prior to implant placement procedures but may also be recommended if you have lost bone tissue due to periodontal disease or another problem.

When you receive a bone graft, Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt transplants a piece of bone from another area of your body into your jawbone. The bone fragment then fuses with your jawbone to create a stronger, thicker and more stable foundation. The best results are achieved using your own bone tissue, but artificial bone and tissue fragments from banks may also be used.

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