Hacienda Heights Family Dentistry features panoramic X-rays in our office. Panoramic X-rays are used to help our dentist examine your teeth and jaws, providing a complete view of those areas so that we can see your upper and lower dental arches clearly. Panoramic X-rays capture images of all your teeth, your upper and lower jawbones, and the surrounding facial structures to give us a comprehensive understanding of your oral health needs.

The process for using a panoramic X-ray machine to capture images is quick and comfortable. Our dentist will direct to you stand in place, and a mechanical arm will rotate around your head. The images will be captured and sent to a nearby monitor so that we can immediately view them and examine your orofacial structures.

Panoramic imaging helps our dentist to:

  • Diagnose impacted teeth
  • Diagnose TMJ disorders
  • Diagnose oral cancer
  • Diagnose tooth decay
  • Diagnose dental and facial trauma
  • Diagnose cysts, tumors and abscesses
  • Diagnose and evaluate periodontal disease
  • Determine the need for orthodontic treatment
  • Evaluate treatment progress, including orthodontic and TMJ treatments
  • Plan and perform dental implant placement and other surgical procedures

We welcome you to contact us at 626-961-1574 to learn more about panoramic X-rays in Hacienda Heights, California, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt. We look forward to helping you care for your smile!

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