Snap-On Smile® is a quick and comfortable treatment to improve your smile. In fact, it is one of the easiest and most cost-effective cosmetic options available at Hacienda Heights Family Dentistry.

Snap-On Smile is a custom-made oral appliance that “snaps on” over your teeth, fitting neatly in your mouth to correct cosmetic dental flaws and give you a picture-perfect smile. With Snap-On Smile, you do not need to plan for extensive, time-consuming and expensive cosmetic and restorative procedures. Instead, you can simply wear your appliance over your teeth to immediately enjoy a beautiful smile.

Snap-On Smile is made from thin, durable resin and is carefully matched to the shade of white that is closest to your original smile. This gives you a natural-looking result. Our dentist may recommend Snap-On Smile if:

  • You have chipped, broken or cracked teeth
  • Your teeth are excessively worn down
  • Your teeth are crooked or crowded
  • You have gaps and spaces between your teeth
  • You have missing teeth
  • You have stained or discolored teeth
  • Your teeth are unusually shaped

Many people who are not candidates for dental implants, fixed bridges or other restorative treatments are able to receive Snap-On Smile as an alternative treatment option. We invite you to contact us at 626-961-1574 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shaileshkumar Bhatt and find out more about the benefits of Snap-On Smile in Hacienda Heights, California.

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